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Here I will post different events that occasionally take place, such as celebrity appearances or other things of interest. Check back often for these updates.

***I just finished booking our 21st (WOW!!!) library for our Ghostology series of presentations. I can tell you that had anybody told me, when this team first started (over 6 years ago now), that we would be doing so much with the local communities as well as being straight out with investigations and cases, I would not have believed them. I never expected this experience to become this involved and with recently hitting over 450,000 hits on this web site, this is all due to you. So with a humble heart, I say “Thank-You”. I hope to meet each of you at one of our library events, so please come on up and share your experiences or just say “Hello”. Happy Ghost Hunting!!!

Site Updates
I have been doing some major and minor updates and changes to the web site on a very regular basis. I will note here exactly where you can find them, Enjoy. Look for more information about the Agawam Paranormal team on the new “About Us” tab (under the “Home” tab).

10/22/2014: “Team Members” tab updated

10/20/2014: “Calendar” tab updated

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More Coming Soon

Reading Selections
At almost every library event that we have done this year, someone always asks me to suggest some of my favorite books and reads for them to also enjoy. Please note that Agawam Paranormal is not affiliated with nor associated with any of the following authors, I simply enjoyed their respective works and recommend them on a purely personal basis. Well here are a few of my very favorites, in no particular order:

* The Ghost Files by Jeff Belanger
* Wierd Hauntings by Joanne Austin
* Ghosthunters by John Kachuba
* Ghosts by Jon Izzard
* How To Hunt Ghosts by Joshua Warren
* Picture Yourself Ghost Hunting by Christopher Balzano
* The Everything Ghost Hunting Book by Melissa Martin Ellis

Most of these titles are also available as “E-Books” as well as hard copy. Also most local libraries should have these there for your convienance. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have, let me know.

(thanks Karen)

Paranormal Humor


Remember, when you see the psychic runningĀ from the house…don’t be the last one out!!!



I had to add this one for Jeremy

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raccoon joke

Rest in Peace, Egon!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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